Bill GatesBill Gates speaks about Google Chrome OS in an interview with CNET news. For him it looks like yet another linux distribution and doesn’t scare him at all. He also compares it to the other Google OS, Android, by saying: “I mean, you’ve got Android running on Netbooks. It’s got a browser in it.” I think, he’s right in this point. Without some really cool offline features and extended functions besides a browser, Chrome OS would be nothing more than another Android.

Gates says that the interesting thing about Chrome OS is that so little is known about it. Stephen Elop, the head of Microsoft’s Business Division, says it’s nothing more than a blog entry. Well, let’s hope that’s only naive arrogance.

What do you think? Can Chrome OS really threaten Windows as a mainstream operating system? Please leave a reply!

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  1. Microsoft said that they don’t need to invest money in search engines. They failed, google started to rule. Now Microsoft have accepted they fail. I think the same will be with Chrome OS. Microsoft will fail.

    As for sure Chrome OS will be more popular than Mac OS

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