Automatic responsive image resizing for Google Chrome and other browsers

Behind the curtainDue to the abundance of relatively low-powered (in terms of CPU power) and low-bandwidth (as for mobile devices like Chromebooks) devices, it is important for web developers to keep an eye on a website’s images. Serving large images to mobile users with small screen sizes and low bandwidth is unnecessary and may make some users leave the website early, while it’s still loading.

HTML5’s srcset and sizes attributes enable webmasters to give hints to the browser for it to decide which image resource to load, e. g. from a set of different resolutions. However, keeping all images available in a lot of different resolutions is a tedious task for today’s webmasters.

The service makes this very easy. It is able to server literally any image at any size on demand and in real-time. It uses a dead-simple API and also includes a Content Delivery Network for blazing-fast image delivery around the globe. Check out their website at and try the free trial account.

New Year’s Chrome OS image release

Chrome OS USBHappy New Year to all of you! In order to celebrate the year 2010 contemporary I compiled a new Chrome OS release from the repository today. It works fine for USB drives. Unfortunately, on some machines, I’m experiencing problems running it in VirtualBox after conversion. Please try it yourself. The download size could be decreased to 175 MB. You can find the download link here: Chrome OS image file download.

Download: Chrome OS image file

Every month Google Chrome LogoI create a fresh build of Chrome OS which can be run from USB drives on almost any machine. Contrary to the very first release from November recent releases support various wireless network controllers. You can download it either from one of my servers or via the BitTorrent network. Once a new version is released, all previous versions are removed, so please don’t link them directly but link to this page. Continue reading “Download: Chrome OS image file”