Google Chrome Logo[UPDATE 11/19: Google officially released the source code of Chrome OS. You can find a tutorial on how to install it here.]

Now finally a fake distribution of Chrome OS appeared on the internet. To an unexperienced user, it may look like it is actually released by Google, but IT IS NOT! At someone created a download site for it using Google Sites. Due to the Google URL it may appear to be the original one. It also appeared on several download sites with Google Inc. as developer. In fact it is a personal distribution created with SUSE studio. I don’t know how it looks like, because I haven’t tried it yet and of course I won’t. Please don’t download it and don’t link the site. It’s a scam. Please leave comments.

[UPDATE 09/22: SUSE studio has now removed the file.]

[UPDATE 09/23: I wonder why Google doesn’t permanently delete the fake site from their servers. Some sites reported it was unavailable but now it is up again. Now even the download from SUSE studio is up again. Please DO NOT download it. It is a simple distribution created with the SUSE studio website. It is NOT Chrome OS.]

[UPDATE 09/25: The guys at Downloadsquad actually tried the download. See what they experienced at]

[UPDATE 09/26: I can’t take it anymore. Why does everybody keep tweeting the URL to the download site? It is so obvious. The site even says they are not related to Google.]

[UPDATE 10/28: WTF?!? Obviously the guys at Gizmodo posted an article about the Chrome OS beta being available for download again which caused tons of twitter and blog posts promoting the site. Obviously all these people were fooled. In the meantime, Google removed the fake download site. I hope once and for all. Awkward: Gizmodo completely removed the article from the site instead of posting a correction.]

19 Replies to “Fake beta of Chrome OS available for download”

  1. @William: Why should Google shut down their site? Because there are ads? Or because they have made a linux distro called “Chrome OS”, which people treat as “Google Chrome OS” by mistake? It’s ridiculous!

    1. Well, on one hand you are right, of course. But on the other hand it may be a damage to Google’s image if people take the fake version for real.

  2. WELL… What the hell is wrong with Google?
    The best way to combat a “fake” OS is to release the REAL ONE!

    Where is it guys? It’s 2011. You’d think at least a beta would be out by now!

  3. Also, what is wrong with this picture?
    Virtual Box? WHY? This is bullshit.
    Hey Google, give us a real distro or stfu.
    Running under a virtual box is NOT really running.

  4. This doesnt look anything like the real chrome os or even the other chromium os that people are downloading. Look at screenshots of both oss.

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