GeekIn Chrome OS, there are some little known (not to say secret) keyboard shortcuts available for getting a linux terminal, developer tools, switching between windows, an on-screen keyboard etc. This article gives a summary of them.

Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts

Window overview: F12
Next windows: Alt + Tab
Previous window: Alt + Shift + Tab
Next tab: Ctrl + Tab
Previous tab: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to specific tab: Ctrl + 1 through 8
New tab: Ctrl + T
Close Tab: Ctrl + W
Reload tab: Ctrl + R
Open incognito window: Ctrl + Shift + N
Downloads: Ctrl + J
Settings: Ctrl + ,
Power save: Ctrl + Alt + L
File browser: Ctrl + O
Developer Tools: Ctrl + Shift + J
On-screen keyboard overlay: F8
Terminal window: Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + Alt + F2
Lock screen: Ctrl + Alt + L
External monitor: Ctrl + Alt + M
Battery and network settings: Ctrl + ,
Sleep: Close lid
Shutdown: Power button

In case you know additional ones, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. I have chromeos on my Parallels virtual machine (hostes in my OSX laptop), using the default US keyboard.

    Ctrl-Tab works fine to go to next tab.

    However, Alt-Tab does not work to go to next window. (it just ignores the Alt, as if O pressed only the Tab key, thus going to the next component in the webpage).

    what am I doing wrong?


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