GeekThere’s a really good article on TechCAKE on how Google Chrome OS is regarded from different perspectives. To make it short: people will love it. But for different reasons. According to the article Google’s main goal is (of course) to control the cloud and make lots of money. Geeks will love it for a reason I didn’t think of before: there will be tons of apps.

It is most likely that there will be a huge effort to develop applications for Google’s new OS like it was when the iPhone came out. Additionally, developing web apps is a lot easier than developing desktop apps where you have to deal with different systems. And – honestly – what could be better for a geek than an iPhone in a reasonable size with a readable screen and a REAL keyboard attached to it? Right, you got it: nothing.

As long as as a netbook is cheap, fast and secure, even every non-geek will want to have one as well. OEMs want it because it’s not only cheap but absolutely free. According to the optimistic author of the original article, there wouldn’t be anyone left to resist the enticing Google Chrome OS! Well, what do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. We still have to wait to explore the main functional of OS. Geeks will love Chrome OS becouse it’s
    1) Free
    2) It’s beeing made by google.
    3) Everyone is talking about it.

    So if google won’t fail, and they will not it will be very, very powerful OS

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