Google Chrome OS tabletAfter a couple of weeks full of rumors, first pictures and a video of a possible Chrome OS tablet appeared on the Chromium project website. Although the Chromium project is NOT Google, the fact that it was made by Glen Murphy, a lead UI designer for Chrome OS at Google, can be seen as an announcement for a device like that. The video shows a demonstration of the user interface.

This is a list of already known features:

  • On-screen keyboard
  • Overlay application launchers
  • right-click is simulated by pressing and holding the finger on the touch-screen
  • “Zooming UI”
  • browser tabs are placed at the side of the screen, not on top
  • multiple browser windows

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Watch the UI concept video here:

See the pictures here (click to enlarge and open in new window):

Chrome OS tablet 1 Chrome OS tablet 2 Chrome OS tablet 3 Chrome OS tablet 4 Chrome OS tablet 5 Chrome OS tablet 6 Chrome OS tablet 7

All data was found on the Chromium project site at

7 Replies to “Google announced Chrome OS tablet”

  1. this shows nothing, as it’s a mock up. That device doesn’t exist. the iPad does.

    Crow more about multi-tasking, like you know what your talking about. The iPad out of the box will multi-task, and have back ground notification just like the iphone.

    When your on your iphone, talking and surfing the web at the same time, that’s not considered multi-tasking? Or while on the web listening to music?

    Honestly i’m all for what works best, but within the realms of reality. When that’s on the store shelves and i’ve seen how smooth it is (do you want to talk about how fast the user response time is on the droid vs the 3gs?) and it’s at a similar price point,

    i will eat my words, and buy one:D

    there is no loyalty, mindless apple bashing will get you nothing though.

  2. Seems fairly swish, however, if you cannot keep the data up to it then it’s just another ‘wait’ box, this is especially true if you run everything from the web. I’m not trying to criticize this vision, just thinking what will happen when a million of them pop up on Bell’s 3G wireless network!
    Maybe they should come with an optional home NAS box, that way some of the load can be shed from the internet when your at home working on your files. (via WiFi)

  3. I think this is an open market for Google! If they can avoid limitations that Apple used with the ipad. Including a webcam, Google cloud printing support, mass storage, etc.. They will take a huge chunk of not only Apple’s market share but the entire laptop market. This is a chance for Google to leapfrog this industry.

    I think it’s time Google started developing this revenue stream and showing Apple the power of open-source 🙂

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