Chrome OS source code released

Today Google released a first version of its new operating system Chrome OS during a presentation in their HQ. There are also some new videos that I’m going to introduce to you ASAP. You can find all news on the Chromium website and the corporate’s blog. Check back here for updates!

Chrome OS to be released within a week

According to an article on TechCrunch, Google is going to release Chrome OS within a week from now, thereby keeping their promise to give “more updates” in fall 2009. If true, Chrome OS will be available before 20th November, 2009. TechCrunch claims to have this information from “a reliable source”. I’m expecting an early version […]

Video: Chrome Browser for Chrome OS Demonstration

After Google accidentally released the source code for the Chrome OS version of the Chrome browser (see article here) I installed it on a Ubuntu machine that was running in Sun’s Virtual Box. In the video you can see all changes Google made. There’s an option tab that let’s you configure your networks and touchpad. […]

Chrome OS to come on NVIDIA Tegra devices

Mike Rayfield, Nvidia’s GM of Mobile Business, said in an interview with jkOnTheRun that Nvidia “is working closely with Google” on the Chrome OS platform. It seems that Nvidia plans to provide Windows Mobile and Google Android support on Tegra smartphones and Windows CE and Google Chrome OS support on Tegra netbooks. The Tegra platform […]

Fake beta of Chrome OS available for download

[UPDATE 11/19: Google officially released the source code of Chrome OS. You can find a tutorial on how to install it here.] Now finally a fake distribution of Chrome OS appeared on the internet. To an unexperienced user, it may look like it is actually released by Google, but IT IS NOT! At someone […]

No more news on Chrome OS: why?

There hasn’t been an official news release by Google for two months now. I’m wondering if this is a good or a bad sign. If it is really supposed to be released in 2010, why shouldn’t Google give some information on some of the features in late 2009?! They certainly would have to be in […]

Screenshots of Chrome OS again

Well, guess what! Another set of screenshots appeared. This time they are released by Pete Cashmore of Mashable, who claims to have got them from an “unfamiliar source”. In the lower left corner of the screen you can see the text “Developers beta 0.1.15”. It seems to waste a lot of the screen size in […]