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  1. Hallo,

    ist Google Chromes OS eher für den Privatanwender gedacht oder soll es auch ein attraktives Betriebssystem für Unternehmen werden?

    Sind schon Software-Projekte in Richtung ERP / CRM angekündigt, die unter Chrome OS laufen sollen?

    Schöne Grüße

    1. Hi Roland!
      Chrome OS is intended for personal as well as professional use. Professional use, however, is limited to web-based applications due to the design of the OS. I assume there is a variety of web-based CRM software already available and this may very likely apply to ERP software, too.

  2. Whyyyyyyyyy! Why only 64-bits! I have a vaio VPCW12J1E December release worked very well i want to try this but i can’t, i have an Intel Atom N280….

  3. Ummm how do I get it to work in vmware, I double click the vmx file, it opens in vmware player and just hangs at the extlinux bit right at the start, am I doing something Wrong?

  4. Citrix on Chromebooks

    Any plans to embed the Citrix Receiver in the ChromeOS? The Cloud based citrix client only works for Citrix 6.5 and Citrix 6.5 only works in a pure 2008 server environment. We have several legacy applications that will never support a 64 bit / 2008 configuration. We want to deploy chromebooks with our hosted citrix solution as the next generation of thin clients. Please help!

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