Apr 29

Spring release of Chrome OS image

Chrome OS USBAfter four months there’s finally a new release to download. The build routine has become a lot faster and easier to use. It can be executed on 64-bit systems only, however, so I had to install a fresh Ubuntu 9.10 first in order to create it. There are some obvious changes and a lot of changes under the hood, so it definitely makes sense to try out this one. You can configure your network connection before trying to login with a Google account now, which was a long-awaited feature in the community. You can also sign up for a new Google account from the login screen now.

I’m offering to versions for download now: one for use on USB drives and one for use with VMWare Player. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make it run in VirtualBox, but I haven’t tried it on many systems, so it may be worth a try to use the VMWare version in VirtualBox. Please leave comments on your progress (no registration required).

Oh, yeah, and here is the link to the download page


    6 Responses to “Spring release of Chrome OS image”

    1. Roland Says:


      ist Google Chromes OS eher für den Privatanwender gedacht oder soll es auch ein attraktives Betriebssystem für Unternehmen werden?

      Sind schon Software-Projekte in Richtung ERP / CRM angekündigt, die unter Chrome OS laufen sollen?

      Schöne Grüße

    2. ChromeOS-Blog Says:

      Hi Roland!
      Chrome OS is intended for personal as well as professional use. Professional use, however, is limited to web-based applications due to the design of the OS. I assume there is a variety of web-based CRM software already available and this may very likely apply to ERP software, too.

    3. Fazo Says:

      Whyyyyyyyyy! Why only 64-bits! I have a vaio VPCW12J1E December release worked very well i want to try this but i can’t, i have an Intel Atom N280….

    4. ChromeOS-Blog Says:

      Hey, don’t worry! 64 bits are only necessary to build it. It runs on 32 bit machines as well.

    5. Nigel Thomson Says:

      Ummm how do I get it to work in vmware, I double click the vmx file, it opens in vmware player and just hangs at the extlinux bit right at the start, am I doing something Wrong?

    6. Steve Lairson Says:

      Citrix on Chromebooks

      Any plans to embed the Citrix Receiver in the ChromeOS? The Cloud based citrix client only works for Citrix 6.5 and Citrix 6.5 only works in a pure 2008 server environment. We have several legacy applications that will never support a 64 bit / 2008 configuration. We want to deploy chromebooks with our hosted citrix solution as the next generation of thin clients. Please help!

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