Google announced Chrome OS tablet

Google Chrome OS tabletAfter a couple of weeks full of rumors, first pictures and a video of a possible Chrome OS tablet appeared on the Chromium project website. Although the Chromium project is NOT Google, the fact that it was made by Glen Murphy, a lead UI designer for Chrome OS at Google, can be seen as an announcement for a device like that. The video shows a demonstration of the user interface. Continue reading “Google announced Chrome OS tablet”

Screenshots of Chrome OS again

Chrome OS screenshotsWell, guess what! Another set of screenshots appeared. This time they are released by Pete Cashmore of Mashable, who claims to have got them from an “unfamiliar source”. In the lower left corner of the screen you can see the text “Developers beta 0.1.15”. It seems to waste a lot of the screen size in the current setting though. Continue reading “Screenshots of Chrome OS again”

Screenshots of Chrome OS appeared

Google Chrome LogoThe blogger community DownloadSquad shows first screenshots of Chrome OS on their website. The pictures are supposed to show the Alpha-version 0.2.5. They show the desktop and a “Google Browser 3.5 Beta”. In my opinion, it’s clearly a fake, but see it yourself. Continue reading “Screenshots of Chrome OS appeared”