Video: Chrome OS DemoThis video shows a demonstration of Chrome OS from the initial presentation at the Google headquarters two days ago. You can see the amazingly fast boot up procedure as well as the user interface. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

These topics are mentioned by Sundar Pichai in the video:

  • A cold reboot is carried out in seven seconds and is supposed to get even better.
  • The presentation was run on a Chrome OS machine.
  • “Chrome is Chrome OS.”
  • Almost everyone knows how to use a browser, so it’s intuitive to use.
  • The release date will be in one year from now.
  • You can pin tabs with your favorite applications to the tab bar. They are called “application tabs”.
  • The top left button opens the so called “app menu” (this does only work with an account till now).
  • There are persistent overlay windows called “panels”.
  • All data is in the cloud, so everything you do is instantly available to you from anywhere.
  • Multiple instances of Chrome can be run.
  • You can switch between Chrome windows by a shortcut or by using the overview mode.
  • Files from USB drives or digital cameras are displayed in the browser’s file tab.

5 Replies to “Video: Chrome OS Demo”

  1. What is this? :S I hate this UI! This thing is not going to work!
    This OS must be in an Touch device and be ready for it, this is not ready for Touch Devices . And what is these colors!
    Chrome OS -1 from me!
    Google must find a new UI not a Browser and half UI!

  2. I must admit, that I laughed REALLY hard when he told, that Microsoft has made that “killer-ad” (or whatever he says) for Chrome. Oh my God! Google, Microsoft has surrendered! 😀

  3. the gui sucks dick… it seems really limiting to use all those features via the web browser…. wheres the terminal???

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